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Please don't bother to offer me SEO deals or webpage design services. I wish you and your enterprise well, but I really am not interested in either. (Or buying much else, for that matter.

Many of the enquires I receive are about helping to make this material more widely available. Perhaps on an intranet, or in a different language. I have a page with my invitation to you, if that is your interest.

Worried about your privacy? Good! You should be! Be careful what you say to strangers. I have a "privacy statement", because there are laws about that. I'm not sure what good they do (see statement)... but it is there, if you want to read it.

I'm usually pleased to hear from readers. My eddress is:

My email address as a graphic

That's a graphic; copy/paste won't work for filling in the "To" box for an email to me. Copy it "by hand". (Don't post your eddress online in machine-readable form unless you want spam.)

Please feel free to addrss me as "Tom"... While I appreciate the formality sometimes observed by those who havve in the past used "Mr.Boyd", the interenet has worn me out, and I give up, on that. I hope you will understand if when Ireply I use whatever form of your name you used in your valediction.

If I get your email, I will usually reply at least "Got It" within 36 hours. Don't hesitate to "pester" me by re-sending things.

Please give the URL of the page that sparked your email. (E.g. the "URL" of this page is "https://sheepdogguides.com/ctact.htm")

I'm most pleased to hear from people who send plain text emails, initially without attachments. We can discuss any need for attachments in subsequent emails.

My email software (Pegasus) lets me look at just the headers of incoming email before I download anything else. If your email has no subject, has a vague subject like "help me", or has the word "urgent" in it, I am unlikely to even download your email, let alone read it. Put something in the subject line that shows me that your email was triggered by the fact that you used my webpages.

I'm most likely to look at something with a subject that appears to have been composed by a human, and isn't a classic spam subject, e.g. not "Tk, you really want to read this...". Making intelligent reference to something in the page you are responding to gives you an edge.

A little bit about you in your email makes dealing with your enquiry more interesting for me. Don't put too much personal information in something to a stranger, but a not-too-specific indication of what you do, where you are, is appreciated. A visit to my freeware/ shareware for Windows page is even more appreciated!

For the technically proficient, not essential, but appreciated: If you put me in your address book, please tick the "plain text only" box. Looking for good SMTP email software? Try Pegasus or Mozilla's Thunderbird.

If you want to send one email to several people, please, please do not use "cc:", but, rather, use "bcc:" It works like "cc:", except it usually hides the list of who else has seen the email from each recipient. The use of "cc:" is part of the cause of the emails you get "from" a friend when it isn't from that person at all.

Another reason for using "bcc:" which may amuse: A small town professional, let's call him a lawyer, once sent "a friend" an "I want more work from you" email after my friend had stopped using the lawyer because his work was unsatisfactory. For the "want work" email, the lawyer used "cc:". And the email came with a virus. The lawyer didn't even thank my friend for being alerted to the problem. My friend felt a strong temptation to send an email to all the other people the lawyer had pestered. If the lawyer had used "bcc:", it would have been no more work for him, and he would not have supplied my friend with the eddresses of all those other people. (If you are using Pegasus, read the material in the help file on "bcc").

Want a link to your page from my page? I very rarely put one on my site until you've already done a link to my site from yours.

Contact form

I prefer to communicate by email, but for those who prefer them, I offer an online feedback form which will... open in a new tab or window. You don't have to provide an email address, but if you want a question answered, you have to give me a way to send the answer. After you submit your message, you get a "thank you". Just close that to get back here.

Digression: Wow! Thank you Ionos. For years I had an old contact form. Not brilliant, but it worked. Then that died. Ionos said "try JotForm". They were brilliant!. Easy to set up my first form. Easy to use. First impressions very positive. ("First impressions"? I haven't edited this since the form was new.) Lots of choices, flexibility, etc. Free for light use. Upgrade paths present. The cynic in me says nothing can be this easy... but maybe it is for once!


I cannot be contacted by fax any more. Sorry.

m I who I say I am?

Worried whether I am who I say I am? You should be... the net makes life too easy for the dishonest. Do you know about the Way Back Machine at www.archive.org? Besides being cool, it will show you that I've been around since at least December 1998. Just look up...


... and you'll find an earlier version of my eddress, 100665... there, at the bottom. (You can also check this page and the eddress on it.) Or, you can check TKBoydChi's profile at eBay.. that's me, too. Go to Google's newsgroup archives... you'll find many posts from me, especially years ago... and you won't find the complaints that arise about scam artists. If I can reassure you some other way, let me know?

If you use a Windows PC, please visit my freeware and shareware page, maybe even download something and circulate it for me?

Click here to visit editor's freeware, shareware page.

Editor's main homepage, with links to others he edits. Try this alternative, if that one is down.

See graphic near start of page for my eddress (email address).

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Why does this page cause a script to run? Because of the Google panels, and the code for the search button. Also, I have my web-traffic monitored for me by eXTReMe tracker. They offer a free tracker. If you want to try one, check out their site. Why do I mention the script? Be sure you know all you need to about spyware.